Health It all makes sense now! I had an interesting realization recently that showed me how important all this chemical free stuff really is. If you haven’t heard of an organization in Spokane called ‘Beyond Pink‘, well, you’re missing out on something so important. So much of what we consume these days can lead to the development of cancer. Sugar, chemicals […]
Health Health is Hard Weight loss is hard, amiright? Health and fitness is truly a lifelong battle, and one I struggle with daily. To be successful, you truly have to make an appointment with yourself every day, and make your fitness a priority. Lately, I have been struggling to do that. I went from a very regimented, consistent schedule, […]
Health My husband was right… Anyone ever had that moment where you make a decision, once proposed by your husband and you subsequently ignored him because he was being ridiculous? That moment that follows months or years down the road. He says the words, “I told you that a long time ago”. This happens to me quite often. I love […]
Health Natural Beauty YOU GUYS! I am SO excited to share this post! This is truly the moment I have been waiting for. When I set out on this journey last year, I knew I would need to transition my beauty products at some point. The problem is that chemical free beauty products are HARD to come by. […]
Health What’s that smell? I have a love/hate relationship with the season of winter. Wearing a hoodie as often as possible is a definite plus and what woman actually enjoys shaving? Not me! Let me tell you though, I am so sick of looking homeless. As a realtor, I am always out and about showing homes. That means wearing […]
Health Sorry, that’s proprietary knowledge… OH my gosh, this is SO much harder than I thought… As I sit down to write this blog post, I literally feel lost. I sit, type, delete. Whose idea was it to start a blog? AHHHH! I am going to persevere through this though. Sharing this topic has grown my passion even more and I’m […]
Health Always Growing Life has a funny way of changing your perspective, doesn’t it? Since 2012, my outlook on life has dramatically shifted. In hind-site, I think being in my 20’s is really the cause of that shift in thinking.  Your 20’s are truly a time of growing and learning. These years have given me more than I […]
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