Health March 7, 2019

What’s that smell?

I have a love/hate relationship with the season of winter. Wearing a hoodie as often as possible is a definite plus and what woman actually enjoys shaving? Not me! Let me tell you though, I am so sick of looking homeless. As a realtor, I am always out and about showing homes. That means wearing practical footwear, and bulky jackets. There is no way I can actually look professional, and stay warm at the same time. Plus, the constant change in climate always has me sweating like a pig. Yes, SWEATING!

About a year ago, I started trying to transition from aluminum based deodorant to a more natural option. I always used a product that is easily accessible at your favorite store (Target, obviously). When I started dabbling in moving toward a chemical free home, this seemed like one of the easier products to swap out. It’s just one product, right? That line of thinking was hardly accurate. First of all, I don’t think people realize how convenient antiperspirant is. My whole life I always thought, I am not a sweaty person, I never sweat! Well, aluminum based deodorant clogs your pores to keep you from sweating. Of course I wasn’t a sweaty person! Quickly my thoughts changed when I started using aluminum free options.

Why did I suddenly decide to make this switch? My initial understanding was, “Aluminum is carcinogenic, so it’s not safe to use”. No-brainer – I shouldn’t wear aluminum based deodorant. This statement is somewhat true, but I have found there isn’t much scientific data that supports this claim. The American Cancer Society has much to say about the relationship between breast cancer and the use of aluminum based deodorants:

Aluminum-based compounds are the active ingredients in antiperspirants. They block the sweat glands to keep sweat from getting to the skin’s surface. Some research has suggested that these aluminum compounds may be absorbed by the skin and cause changes in estrogen receptors of breast cells. Because estrogen can promote the growth of both cancer and non-cancer breast cells, some scientists have suggested that using the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants may be a risk factor for the development of breast cancer. (Source:

The article goes on to say that there is no clear link between the use of aluminum based deodorants and breast cancer. The whole Q&A left me scratching my head a bit though. Regardless, I feel a heck of a lot better using an aluminum free deodorant and smelling a little bit. The idea that my antiperspirant could be fostering the growth of breast cancer cells really freaked me out.

So my search began. If you can buy the deodorant at the grocery store, I probably bought it. I started out trying Schmidt’s Bergamot and Lime. I didn’t love the smell and I immediately broke out under my armpits. I’m talking full on pimple break out. I kept using it though! After about three months, the breakouts subsided, thank goodness! If you are trying to make this switch, just push through the rash! It is incredibly uncomfortable, but it seems like it happens to a lot of people who switch to a natural option.

Hearing that a different scent might help with the rash, I switched to a different scent of Schmidt’s – Charcoal and Magnesium. There was no change in the rash as a result of that switch. The scent of this one was a lot better, but unfortunately, I was still stinky!

Back to the store I went. I now went with a brand called Love, Beauty, and Planet.  I absolutely LOVED the smell, and it glided on much easier than the Schmidt’s did. But then, I realized it had fragrance in it… If you read my last blog, you’ll understand what that means! Putting fragrance straight into your armpits, where it can absorb into your breast tissue – NOT GOOD!


So finally, an instagrammer I follow recommended this brand called Agent Nateur. You can buy it on Amazon, or direct from their website. I’ll be honest, it’s pretty spendy. Once I received it in the mail, it was totally worth it. The lavender scent and ease of application was something I haven’t been able to find. Sometimes I find I am a little stinky, and reapply it. If I am headed to the gym or stop by home, I might give my pits a little extra. (Subscribe to auto shipment and get a small discount on each order:

Unfortunately, no matter the cost, I think we will all be a little stinky using a natural deodorant. You will know in your mind that you are making a healthier option for your body, and that is what should matter. Air it out girlfriend! I will understand. Let me know if you make the switch, I would love to hear about your experience.



PS – I paid for all of these products myself!