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About Samara

Though I was born and raised in Spokane, I always pictured myself moving to the big city. I love everything about Seattle, and dreamed of calling it home. In adulthood, I’ve found a new appreciation for our beautiful city. I am grateful to be surrounded by nature and a strong sense of community. My husband and our two pups bought our first home in the Spokane Valley in 2014 and are happy to call it our home.   

Once we became homeowners, my husband and I became our own version of Chip and Joanna Gaines. We revamped the entire landscape of our property, remodeled our outdated basement, and added tile backsplash to our kitchen. Many people will hear me say how grateful I am to have a contractor as a husband. I have a unique ability to see the potential in a home, and thankfully I have him by my side to put those dreams into action! My clients will typically see me analyzing any and all aspects of a property thanks to our experiences, and the knowledge my husband has instilled in me.

Prior to pursuing my career in Real Estate, I worked in the banking industry. My responsibilities mainly focused on customers who faced monetary losses as a result of debit/credit card fraud on their accounts. This position, along with 8+ years of customer service experience, helped me to understand the importance of clear and consistent communication, professionalism and compassion for others. These important qualities create smooth real estate transactions with clients that often turn into life-long friends.

Each client has a unique set of goals and circumstances. Whether you’re an experienced seller, or a first-time buyer, my goal is to understand your needs and customize my approach to your transaction. My role as your trusted advisor is to provide you with all the information you need to make the best, most informed decision possible. No matter if you’re moving down the block, or across the country, you can trust me to help you get there!